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The DJ and producer duo Âme met in their hometown of Karlsruhe where Frank Wiedemann first crossed paths with Kristian Beyer in 2001 at Beyer’s record shop. Bonding over Chicago house, Detroit techno and much else besides, the duo joined forces in 2003 to produce seminal deep house platters for Sonar Kollektiv. Today, Âme are a part of Innervisions, a collective/label they run with Dixon, and as DJs, the two regularly perform at the world’s best techno clubs. In Berlin, we all love them for their marathon sets at Panoramabar.

In our interview with Kristian Beyer from Âme, we talked about music by Erik Satie, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Theo Pharrish and Barnt. More after the jump.

Erik Satie – Gnossiennes No.1

During my teenager days I always heard the older guys I respected talking about Satie, and I never understood why he should be so important until some years ago on a dinner party from a very good friend of mine where he played music by Eric Satie the whole evening. It was kind of a magical moment, and everything clicked; I discovered for myself the inventor of minimal techno. Since this day it is probably the music we are listening to most in our house.

Stevie Wonder – Signed, sealed, delivered

I really respect Stevie Wonder for being an great artist, but if I should be honest I never fall in love with him. I can see how talented he is and how much he did for the whole music as a pioneer of disco and RNB. He is a fantastic songwriter, too, but he is not in my heart.

David Bowie – Sound and Vision

It’s funny that you choose this song from the album Low as this is the only song where you can hear my personal all time favorite singer Brian Eno. I know he is more known for being a great producer, but there is something in his voice which touches me deep inside. And there is only one other guy who can do this too, and this is Robert Wyatt.

Now I totally forgot Bowie, and of course as a west Berlin lover I like him too. While working on this album he had a complete creative blackout, and this was the moment where he called Brian Eno. And the rest is history…

Herbie Hancock – Hot And Heavy

Probably you have read about our influences on an old biography and thats why you have chosen Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock. But these are Frank’s idols, not mine. Herbie Hancock is one of the most important Jazz musicians of all time, and you have to give him props for a a lot of things, but it is not 100 percent my cup of tea. His electronic period in the late 70ies is the one I like the most.

Theo Pharrish – Falling up (Carl Craig Remix)

It was the mark of a big comeback for Carl Craig, and by contrast with most of the Detroit veterans he made the step into the now. This remix came out the same time like Rej, that is why I still have big memories about this track. Fantastic sounding production and probably one of the last big crossover tracks I know.

Barnt – Geffen

What an anthem… I was really lucky to get this track at an early stage, and I could hear the potential from the first moment. Sadly we had been some days too late to sign it as someone was faster, but anyway after seeing the reaction the first time I played it I knew it is the start for a great career of this talented artist. Daniel Ansorge aka Barnt will be a name to watch…

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