Listening to Music with Daniel Dreier

At the age of thirteen Daniel Dreier started recording music from the radio and performing his first experiments in mixing music with a double cassette deck. Up until 1993 you could always find his Hip Hop mix tapes circulating around West Berlin, that is until he found himself in the legendary Bunker club and experienced the beats of Techno music. His first public gigs as a DJ were a series of fashion shows. Soon after that, he organized his own parties. Since then, he is played all over Europe. In Berlin, Daniel Dreier is a resident DJ at Watergate and he also regularly plays at Panorama Bar.

In our interview with Daniel Dreier, we have talked about music by Lil’ Louis, 2Pac, Nirvana and The Rolling Stones. More after the jump.

Lil’ Louis French Kiss

The first time I heard French Kiss by Lil’ Louis was at E-Werk in Berlin. DJ Woody used to play it. It was kind of an E-Werk anthem, as it was played almost every weekend there. So it reminds me of the good old times. I always enjoyed it when the DJ was speeding the record up and slowing it down again. Great track!

2Pac 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted

Back in the days, 2Pac was a great hero to me and my friends. We used to listen to him all the time. I must confess though that I prefered Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre. The only thing I still have from him is an old T-Shirt that shows him with a headband. However, it is a pity that he died that young.

Rolling Stones Sympathy for the devil

Kings of Rock N’ Roll! Naturally, nobody can beat the Stones. The title of this song says it all. Although the devil should remain in his throne in hell 😉 The Stones have changed a lot. Without them, many things would be different.

Nirvana Drain You

Everybody used to listen to Nirvana. I don’t. It just never was my cup of tea, so unfortunately I really can’t say anything about it expect: Damn the 27!

Paul Schal & Daniel Dreier Running Shoes

Blues meets House/Techno. We do think that this is a good combination?! Old meets new!

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