Interview: Listening to music with Jens Bond

Jens Bond is a master of finely balanced rhythms. In his percussion tracks he brings beats to life like only a few others can. In his youth he was a drummer and toured with several bands before he got sucked into the melting-pot Berlin. Today, Jens Bond is a resident DJ at Watergate and performs all over Europe.

In our interview with Jens Bond, we talked about music by Bob Marley, Donna Summer, Fox the Fox and Barnt. More after the jump.

Bob Marley Sun is Shining

One of my favourite summer tunes that has accompanied me over years. No beach without this song! However, there was a cheap remix that was released by Funkstar Deluxe in 1999 and which was played all the time on the radio. I did not like that one, so I needed some time until I could listen to the original version again.

Donna Summer I Feel Love

No question about that: Donna Summer is the undisputed disco queen. RIP! I feel love is awesome. It really needed courage and enthusiasm to do that in a time when music like that was not the stanard . At a certain hour this is also a great track for a long DJ set. I like it.

Fox the Fox Precious Litte Diamond

This Dutch one hit wonder from the 80s used to be one of my “bombs” in the early morning hours at various parties. Whenever you play it, people start to sing along enthusiastically. I love this record, even though I could not stand it for a certain time. Thanks for the advice, I will put it back into the record bag.

Jens Bond Hit You

I know this from somewhere, I can not remember from where, but I like it…;)

Barnt Geffen

“Wow!”, that’s what I thought when I heard this minimal monster for the first time. The groove is very beautiful, it pushes forward and only comes with very few synth notes. It is not easy not to be boring within 8 minutes when you use so few elements. Thumbs up for this!

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