Weekday presents 1440

photo: Ender Suenni

Last week, hipsters’ beloved Scandinavian label Weekday presented its new sportswear line 1440 in Berlin – a collaboration with talented young designer Nhu Duong. Set in a boxing arena, the fashion presentation reflected the sporty and futuristic attitude of the creations, with models positioned on each corner of the square, showing different outfit-combinations. To continue the sports theme they served fitness drinks and power bars which was a nice idea.

1440 definitely hits my tastes in fashion, with a perfect mix of classic elegance and urban feel – multifunctional and minimalistic at the same time. The collection is clearly inspired by an ergonomic aesthetic, with jerseys, sport jackets, shorts, and accessories in the colors black, white, grey, and neon orange. All the garments are very individual, with print details and technical applications, and reflect beautifully the creativity and coolness of upcoming designer Nhu Duong. Check out the lookbook and more impressions of the event, after the jump.

Here below are some impressions of the launch event, thanks to Pascal Rohé from Fettes, Love & Sieben.

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