A Secret Look into Berghain… with Special Guests!

These photos are quite unusual in two ways. First of all, when do you ever see proper photos from the inside of legendary Berghain? Right, almost never, as it’s strictly forbidden to take pictures there. And secondly, what’s with the petting zoo? Is this what’s going on there in the days between Tuesday and Thursday when the club is not open?

What it actually is are some stills from the short film After Hours by Steffen Köhn and Phillip Kaminiak that was part of the exhibition Kultur:Stadt hosted by the Akademie der Künste in 2013. It was the first time that the owners of Berghain let someone film in their precious club, but I guess no-one would have said no to host a film shooting with cute animals. Enjoy some more photo stills after the jump.

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