Interview: Listening to music with HVOB

To me, Her Voice over Boys (HVOB) was one of my favourite music discoveries in 2012. The first time I saw them performing live was at last year’s MELT Festival. There the atmosphere was a little bit strange at the beginning: At that time, HVOB were completely unknown, and they played right after Berghain’s Boris, whose sound could not be more different to what they do. But within minutes HVOB managed to enchant their audience, and in the end everybody was enthusiastic. Since then, things changed quickly for the Vienna-based band. They played many more shows and produced their debut album, which has finally been published on Stil vor Talent on March 8. In our interview we have talked to lead singer Anna about music by Apparat, The Stokes, Sigur Ros and Günther Lause. More after the jump.

Apparat Black Water

I love Apparat – this Song is wonderful and the video is great as well. He creates his own, unique sound world. I admire that. Additionally, he has collaborated with Thom Yorke, and I dare to say that I am the biggest Radiohead fan in the world.

The Strokes Someday

It was quite some time ago, but I remember that we used to listen to Is this it all the time at school. I think I was 15 or 16 years old at that time. Maybe that was for me what The Beatles were to my parents.

Sigur Ros Hoppipolla

Sigur Ros falls in the same time period as The Strokes. One of the first festivals I attended was the Southside were I saw Sigur Ros for the first time. They played at the small tent, and at that time they were rather new and unknown. I enjoy everything by Sigur Ros, and I like the way they write their lyrics: A made-up language of their own, derived from sketches that Jónsi Birgisson sings on his demos. I somehow have the same approach to it: My lyrics emerge from snatches of words that I sing on my demos. At HVOB, we always do the music first, and then the lyrics.

Günther Lause Mountain

I did not know this, but I like it 🙂


The second single from our album HVOB which was released on March 8. I wrote this song last summer in my bedroom. I did not know that the line “All work and no play makes Jakes a dull boy” was a famous sentence from the Horror movie The Shining by Stanley Kubrick until someone said so in a commentary on YouTube.

Like all of our videos, this one was produced by our VJs lichterloh. For HVOB, music and look constitute a unit that is important to us.

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