Interview: Listening to Music with Leslie Clio

German soul music – that term you used to be a synonym for a cruel torture method, until Leslie Clio came along. She recently published her debut album Gladys. It consists of 11 songs that proof that soul music from Germany can indeed sound pretty great.

In our interview with Leslie Clio we have talked about music from the movies The Colour Purple, Jungle Book and Sister Act as well as songs by Rio Reiser and Trude Herr. More after the jump.

Miss Celie’s Blues

The Color Purple is one of my favourite movies, and Miss Celie’s blues is a small, but wonderful part of it. Well, Leslie just loves the Blues. I can also recommend He’s got me going by Bessie Smith, Little Walter’s My babe and Who’s been talkin’ by Howlin’ Wolf.

The bare necessities

Instant-good-mood! The Jungle Book is just great for growing up! The bare necessities is an early forerunner to I couldn’t care less, if you like.

Joyful Joyful

What would I be without Sister Act? I really don’t know. And where? Maybe somewhere totally different. Big, big love.

Mein Manager

Always picks up the phone, always listens to you, always listens to all your complains; always in a good mood, has always an even better idea and has really always a solution! With love to my management.

I couldn’t care less

Clock goes right, cell phone falls into the toilet, glasses are broken, tires are flat, shinbone gets hurt, laundry is wet, meal is hot, coffee is cold, no clue again and no status whatsoever: I couldn’t care less.

Weil ich so sexy bin

That is where Destiny’s Child have stolen it for Bootylicious! And they were right to do so. Everybody should take this as a model – move your belly, everybody!

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