RomCom Love – An Embarrassing Confession

After all those years of studying film and working in the arts I still haven’t managed to rid myself of one reaccuring guilty pleasure: RomComs.

Indeed those romantic comedies with completely ridiculous and clichee stories magically draw me in. Although I am regularly filled with anger after the 90 minutes because such meaninglessness was funded instead of a promising art house piece, I keep coming back. I have been asking myself why for years, but am yet to find a plausible answer. Of course these films are pure entertainment, diversion from reality, an escape from reality and maybe even a little reverie. One can basically stop thinking when watching them, although ideally one should think about why gender roles are still so horribly antique in these films.

My vice took hold of me again this Easter break and I seriously watched two of these frowned upon species in a row. And I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed it. So switch off the brain and on the film:

Un plan parfait (D: Pascal Chaumail, F 2012)

Isa’s (Diane Kruger) family is burdened with a horrific curse: All the womens first marriages do not last.

So when Isa plans her wedding her true love, her sister talks her into marrying and immediately divorcing a stranger. Butt he purchased first husband doesn’T show up and so Isa has to find one herself. Of course she woos a traditional looser with her beauty, but getting rid of him is much harder to do. Well and now take a wild guess who she ends up marrying when it comes to the second vows….Surprise!

Liberal Arts (D: Josh Radnor, USA 2012)

Jessi Fischer (Josh Radnor) is 35 and returns to his old college for the retirement of his favorite professor. Nostalgic about the good old days, when he could still dream big and reality hadn’t happened yet he falls in love with Sophmore Zibby (Elizabeth Olsen). This is actually quite a cute movie abut growing up and letting go of the past.

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