Interview: Listening to Music with Ruede Hagelstein

I always enjoy it when I find something extraordinary in an artist biography. Ruede Hagelstein for instance is one of the co-founders of Restrealitaet, the “party forum” some of us spend way to much time with… His main job of course is being a producer (at Upon You and several other labels) and a DJ, as a resident at Watergate for example.

In our interview with Ruede Hagelstein, we have talked about music by Sisters of Mercy, Korn, KLF and Kate Bush. More after the jump.

The Sisters of Mercy Lucretia My Reflection

Sisters Of Mercy were the first band you could I have been a fan of. I had fan t-shirts, a backpack with the band’s logo, and I had all their records at home. A friend of mine introduced me to it, but it was not a matter of group pressure, it was rather pure joy of music – and I still like! Nevertheless I drew a picture of singer Andrew Eldritch with a pencil, which I put on my wall (I think there were no Bravo posters of them). At least I never looked like a Goth.

Korn No Place to Hide

Awesome!!!!!!!! Korn’s first three albums were legendary and innovative. It was just the right soundtrack to distract yourself from the wasteland of Brandenburg where I grew up. I come from a rather boring suburb of Berlin, so this sound meant rebellion and and distinction to me and my buddies. We even developed our own dancing style to this, which looked a little bit like if you would step barefooted into a puddle with a hair drier. Anyhow, I can just say that I still love Korn’s early sound like on the first day.

KLF ft Tammy Wynette Justified And Ancient

I learned how to dance with this, still back at a time when I used to ignite farts with a lighter. It was much later when I realized that KLF are just so awesome. I still have not read their book though, I somehow want to keep that for later. Maybe I start tomorrow with it…

I tried to get a licence for the chillout version of this track for my Watergate Mix CD. No chance! They still manage their rights by themselves and they almost never allow anything. What can you say? These guys are cool enough to do so.

Chikinki Assasinator 13 (Ruede Hagelstein Mix)

The label rather failed with this one. 200 records got lost somewhere, and as far I know they did not press any new copies. For that reason the record was sold for as much as 170 Dollars at Discogs. Even I only own the test pressing.

There are not many of my own tracks that I like as much as this remix. It is somehow timeless, even though the Trance attitude is not very popular at the moment. From time to time I consider doing a new version of it.

Kate Bush Wuthering Heights

I do not know what fascinates me about this women. Maybe her peculiar, mystic lyrics, maybe these unpredictable moments and details. This is so “Anti-Pop Pop”. I most certainly get goosebumps from it…. Especially from this song! In contrary to her conventional hits like Running up that hill, I learned to love this song at a later point; her music just does not get boring.

On some days, I listen to one of her albums three times in a row and I still discover something new. For many people, this might not be comprehensible as Kate Bush has been misunderstood as an annoying siren – which of course is not right in my opinion.

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