Kill the Bride

Thinking about it, I’ve never actually been to a hen night, nor to a bachelor party. I’ve seen this tradition many times when I was still living near Simon-Dach-Strasse in Friedrichshain. A group of hysterical girls with rediculous outfits making a fuzz and invading bars and restaurants to play silly games with innocent bystanders. I’ve always found that to be a quite horrible tradition and hoped none of my friends would ever invite me to something like this. It’s just very unglamorous. When  Berlin’s it-girl number one invited me to her bachelorette party, I had no choice but to say yes, because a) I was damn sure her party would be glamorous as hell and b) how can you say no to the lovely and talented Bonnie Strange? And the party was certainly an event of its own class: hot stripper, all male guests in drag (except me), a stretch limo, and a VIP area in a trashy club.

It was really heart-warming to see how much effort Bonnie’s friends put into this and only half-way through the night Bonnie already announced that this was the best night of her life. While I agree that the party was quite a lot of fun I certainly hope that the wedding will be able to top this! Good luck to her and her fiance Jakob, our fellow blogger from Dandy Diary. Some impressions of the night, after the jump

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