The Beard Monologues: Steffen

I immediately noticed Steffen in the subway with his perfect beard, dark hair and blue eyes. When he got out at the same station as I did, I knew I just had to ask him about taking his picture.

We had to take a romantic portrait for my photography class at university. Instead of capturing the gesture of giving someone flowers, I wanted to photograph a beard decorated with flowers. Since beards are kind of en vogue right now I decided to turn the idea into a series afterwards. That’s how Steffen’s portrait became the first in a row and still remains of one of my favorites. Some more photos from this shooting along with Steffen’s beard monologue after the jump.

The Beard Monologues - Steffen

I always had a feeling that my face has childlike features. It has been five years since I have seen my chin for the last time. By now I can’t imagine ever being without a beard again.

At the beginning I was determined to trim my beard diligently to the length of a 5-day-stubble, but after a short while I was too lazy to do it. Besides, my girlfriend and my reflection in the mirror always encouraged me to keep it, as well as the thought that the full beard would be respectable again one day.

The Beard Monologues - Steffen

The fact that beards are quite fashionable at the moment certainly opened a few doors for me. Without it I don’t think I would have been able to work as a model.

When it comes to wearing a beard it’s mostly about feeling comfortable. You shouldn’t try to emulate a role model, you should rather listen to your beard instincts.

The Beard Monologues - Steffen

Interview & Photos: Alicia Kassebohm


Alicia Kassebohm is a freelance photographer and communication design student at the Institude of Design Berlin. Last year she won the 3rd place of the Deutscher Jugendfotopreis. For iHeartBerlin she talks with interesting men about their goregous beards. If you are interested in getting your special beard portrait taken by Alicia feel free to get in touch with her at

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