Traveling to the Louis Vuitton Maison Opening in Munich

Last year I had the honor to go on two trips with Louis Vuitton, first to the Serenissima Run in Monte Carlo and than to the historical home and studio of Louis Vuitton in Asnière. Both trips were more than amazing and I had a great time. Today I am going on my third trip with the famous French brand and this time the destination is Munich. Louis Vuitton is celebrating the opening of their first Maison in Germany there at the old Residenzpost. The Maisons are very special flagship stores that basically represent the whole range of products the brand has to offer which is far more than what the usual LV stores carry. There are only a few of these Maisons in Europe, so it’s quite the special occasion, both for the brand and for the city of Munich, especially considering that the original Maison Louis Vuitton in Paris is the 5th most visited sight in the city of love.

I’m super excited for the opening tomorrow and it took me ages to decide what to wear and what to pack. Of course I will bring more clothes that I actually need for one day. Luckily I got some advice how to pack them the best way without wasting any space thanks to the Art of Packing guide. Look over my shoulder while I pack my bag after the jump.

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