Dancing with the Orishas in Sao Paulo

photos: Marcelo Paixão

„Why are you dressed like the devil?“ I ask the man next to me with a plastic trident and the black cape. „ I am not dressed like the devil, I am an Orisha! The devil does not exist. I am a true power of nature.”

In Berlin the next question to myself would have probably been: Which kind of drugs is he on? But I am in Sao Paulo and here everything is different. Magic and modernism, jungle and metropolis fuse into each other. The result is something really big, dangerous, vibrant and demonic. Probably the most exhausting and exciting city I have been so far in my live. Last Friday I was at Capslock. One of the craziest parties here in town. Inside of an abandoned skyscraper (right in the center of Sao Paulo) called Trackertower a feast of inhuman kind took place. Not only the music and the vibe could compete with any really good Berlin party: every room was creatively decorated by several street artist. Get some impressions of the night and the morning after from the photographer Marcelo Paixão after the jump.

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