Cinéma de Mode: Tale of the Two Bloody Marys

In today’s Cinéma de Mode we present you the new Anne Gorke fashion film The Tale of the Two Bloody Marys directed by Michael Venus in collaboration with Curtisfilm. The movie had its Berlin premiere at the SKYY VODKA SWAP Season Opening with Designer Scouts and features award-winning actress Sandra Hüller and Emily Cox, as well as German actor Paul-Wolff-Plotegg. The second fashion film of the sustainable label tells the story of two sister spending their vacation at the family’s summer residence enjoying the liberation of doing nothing during endless cocktail hours. But when one falls in love with the romance of the other a bitter sweet tragedy begins which will trap the sisters in a time loop for over 40 years. Throughout the fashion film you can see the Spring/Summer 2013 collection Orangerie that stands out through clear lines and architectural forms, a mix of different organic fabrics, such as silk, cotton and for the first time also leather. Enjoy Anne Gorke’s beautiful summer tragedy after the jump.

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