Partying with Uma Thurman – The Louis Vuitton Maison Munich Opening

Last week Louis Vuitton opened their latest Maison in the historical Residenzpost in Munich. And by Maison I don’t mean a regular old house – with this term the French brand describes their special line of flagship stores that represent their whole line of products plus a few extra features such as custom made shoes for the gents, custom made handbags for the lady and customized travel gear for both. This one is only the 5th Maison in Europe and the 20th in the whole world, so it was quite a big deal. A big deal is also the house it moved into. The Residenzpost is probably one of the most prestigeous homes they have, and as coincidence has it, the construction of the building was comissioned in the same year as good ol’ Louis started his business some 150 years ago. I suppose it might have very well been fate that these two entities are coming together in 2013.

As I already teased last week my fellow bloggers from LesMads, Josie Loves, Cherry Blossom Girl, Horstson and I traveled to Munich to join the big opening ceremony. It was – as always – a magnificent event with famouses over famouses including Hollywood icon Uma Thurman, topmodel Franziska Knuppe, and a whole league of young German actors such as Kostja Ullmann, Hannah Herzsprung, and Alexandra Neldel. At the party we were delighted with the live performance by Marina and the Diamonds and fun DJ sets by Palina and Schowi. Enjoy my impressions of the big opening of the Louis Vuitton Maison München Residenzpost after the jump.

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