The Berlin Experts: Linda Berlin

In the new edition of The Berlin Experts we talk with Linda, a young Berliner whose Instagram lindaberlin has been among our absolute favourites since we started using the popular photo app. Besides always being exceptionally aesthetic, her photostream has attracted our attention especially for Linda’s ability to capture the essence of our city from a different perspective, constantly challenging stereotypical images and classical visions of the Berlin we all know. Enjoy what Berlin-lover Linda has told us about the highlights of our city, and her special connection to it, after the jump.

How would you describe your Instagram stream?

My pictures on Instagram are minimalist, convivial and highly attentive to details. I’m interested in long forgotten places and apartment blocks of the 70s. In my stream you don’t find dazzling colours, nor many people. I like it ‘clean’ and to the point. For example, any Berlin visitor has certainly photographed Alexanderplatz… what I wanna do is to show the ‘other side’ of the city through my perspective.

You don’t portray the city of Berlin with its typical iconic landmarks. Through your eyes the city develops a completely new aesthetic whilst still remaining familiar. How do you select the locations to capture for Instagram?

I choose the places and locations depending on my personal feelings and mood. The story, the colours and the design decide whether I get on the train or not. They must somehow electrify me. If they do, it may happen that I take up to 200 smartphone photos and a flood of pictures explode on my account.

Your output is quite impressive. You post up to 10 new photos per day. Would you consider yourself an InstaAddict?

I like Instagram. There is so much to see on this platform. I’m particularly interested in the themes of fashion, travel and photography. One click and off you go: you make a quick shot, write a comment, add a heart, edit your picture and upload it. Through Instagram I can also stay in touch with friends in Barcelona and Hamburg, and I can get a feeling of what they are experiencing. It’s also fun to share your favourite corners. The moments are ‘captured’ and I can then look at them and remember those beautiful days and hours.

What’s your favourite place in Berlin?

My favorite place in Berlin? The Hansaviertel. It lies between Moabit and Tiergarten, near the Siegessäule. As part of the 1957 Interbau it was used as the exhibition ground. Many known architects like Walter Gropius, Oscar Niemeyer and Arne Jacobson used to work there. It is quite calm in this part of the city. At every corner you can find unusual and rare architecture. If a suitable apartment would become available, I would move in immediately!

What places of Berlin are left, that you still look forward to discover and portray?

Many places are on my Instagram to-visit list. Berlin’s face changes every week, but the classics remain. These include Hackescher Markt, Alexanderplatz, Tempelhofer Flugfeld and Teufelsberg. Every day I see beautiful, ugly or adorable things in the city that fit into my photo collection.

What role does photography play in your life?

Photography: the love of my life. Since 2003 through analog and digital. It’s still fun and it enriches my life. To see everything from different angles. Squatting on the floor, stepping in the mud or toasting with other people. Sometimes, for a good picture you make yourself look like a fool. Moreover, I have become more open and have rediscovered the world.

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