Interview: Listening to Music with FAYZEN

Farsad Zoroofchi a.k.a. FAYZEN composed his first songs with the age of nine. Later, he discovered Hip-Hop and started busking in Hamburg; it was there on the streets where he also sold his mixtapes more than 20.000 times. Now, FAYZEN took the next step and recorded his album Meer which was published at Universal earlier this year. On this debut he presents Hip Hop in a way that is quite unique in Germany: FAYZEN’s music is intelligent and sophisticated and his lyrics are always honest and very personal.

In our interview with FAYZEN we talked about music by The Kills, Common, Florence & The Machine and Lou Rawls. More after the jump.

The Kills The Last Goodbye

The video is really cool! And I like it that there is nothing to be heard in the first seconds. It really moves me. I can understand how it is like when you cannot relate to somebody because of fear. But in this very romantic song, she lets herself fall in the end. The band and the video are awesome, and the song is beautiful!

Common Celebrate

What I like about Common is that he always tries to tell a story – instead of just “rapping along”. When it comes to “Rap in the head”, this man is a legend. The beat of this song is cool, and I particularly enjoy the drums.

However, this “drinking champagne in Rap videos” thing is not for me, even though it might not be meant that vulgar here. Anyhow, Common can do that, it is just not for me.

Florence & The Machine Shake It Out

Awesome! I love this sound! The staging is extreme, and so are the emotions. She is just a great singer. Florence & The Machine are courageous and their music is some cool shit.

Lou Rawls You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine

Classic! You cannot create a love song with more self-confidence. This by the way is something that I always admired in Sam Cook: love songs that are so absolute that they lose any form of reality.

It is hard to sing songs like these without sounding like Schlager or being ridiculous in any way. But when it works, I think they give you a great feeling, because they are so exaggerated that they become totally un-theoretical. Gorgeous.

FAYZEN Rosarot

I dedicated this song to the immortally strong feeling of being in love. I don’t know whether the universe has a stronger tool to shape us. And I don’t know whether that is always a good thing. For a stubborn guy like me, this feeling has sometimes been the only possibility to question some things and to become more tolerant, because you want to love somebody inspite of his weak sides. To put it shortly: The Rose-coloured glasses are a great way of being a better person.

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