The Beauty of Orgasms on Film

What do people look like when they get more and more aroused and finally have an orgasm? Photographer Clayton Cubitt’s short clips provide an answer to this question. For his project Hysterical Literature the artist asked women to read lines from their favorite books while, invisible for the viewer, being sexually stimulated.

A project called Beautiful Agony toyed with similar images. On this porn-page users could upload clips of their faces, while masturbating. The concept is similar to youporn, but instead of genitals in close-ups and crazy acrobatics you only see grimaces and big smiles.

Both projects seek a beauty in sexual arousal that is hard to find in modern pornography and concentrate their search on the faces of the protagonists. Affects and emotions prior to , during and after the orgasm create little stories and an undeniable tension in the spectator. I find the videos beautiful to watch, funny, subtle and sexy. So take a peak at the clips and let me know what you think…

Find all Hysterical literature videos here.

Find the Beautiful Agony website here.

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