The Biggest Paella

On Saturday the inner yard of the Sony Center was transformed into a Spanish-themed fair ground with free Spanish food, music and dance. The initiator of this big family event was Fairy who invited their brand ambassador and tv chef Ralf Zacherl to break the record in cooking the biggest paella of Germany. But this was not the only record they broke that day at the Fairy Fiesta. They also managed to wash over 12.000 plates with only one bottle of their dish dergent and all of that for a good cause as they collected donations for the RTL children’s foundation to support the Kinderhaus in Berlin Reinickendorf.

Apart from tasting the biggest paella of Germany I had only one thing in mind at this event: What restaurant does a famous TV chef go to? After the jump some impressions and the top 3 Berlin restaurant recommendations by Ralf Zacherl.

Even though he is on tour in Germany most of his time for his TV show Ralf Zacherl loves his home in Kreuzberg, he told me in the interview at the Fairy Fiesta. For him it’s the best district of Berlin. The people are more open and friendly there. He loves all the different cultures mixed together, the great little shops and restraunts. Speaking of which: two of his favorite restaurants are very close by to his home, one of them being the Schlesisch Blau at Köpenicker Str. 1 and the Jolesch at Muskauer Str. 1. His third favorite is the Mexican place Papalotl at Belforter Str. 22.

Of those three recommendations I’ve only eaten at one so far, so I have yet to try the other two and test the taste of the famous TV chef 😉

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