DMY – The Cocoon For Good Ideas

The design week just started and I just visited the maybe most central event – the DMY fair. Assuming DMY could be compared to other fairs at Flughafen Tempelhof like Bread & Butter is quiet wrong. Experiencing the hangars transforming themselves into giant cocoons for small but bright ideas is every year a unique pleasure of this specific fair. At DMY you will not experience the exhibition of any big design brand like in Milan. But for sure you can see international ideas and refined aesthetics brought to the table. The exhibition surfaces are mostly made of natural materials like wood or stone. Most of the design objects themselves are again a combination of new developed (sometimes recycled) materials and traditional materials like glass, ceramic and wood. What I noticed in comparison to the years before, is that there was less architecture and design for the public space replaced with a lot of home ware and functional interior objects. In general I liked the exhibition even if some holistic design concepts would have inspired me more than just to see individual pieces all great by themselves but not connected to anything. My photographic impressions after the jump.

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