Licking Ice Cream with Dancing Couples

Last week I noted that being a dance curator is probably a way more exciting job then I could ever have. This week I am not so sure anymore because I might have found something even better. We had the pleasure to meet four young promising talents of the local contemporary dance scene and had the task to do a cheeky, sexy GIF shooting with them.  Not bad, huh! And since the summer finally has come to town and everybody is licking on hard cold things, we brought some ice cream to the set just to make the pics more sweet and sticky. If you want to see the whole result of our shoot you have to go to Sophiensaele to see one of the dance pieces of the Gemischtes Doppel dance festival since we are doing an exhibit in the foyer of the theater. Also the GIFs well be shown at the final summer party of Sophiensaele this Friday. It is free so take your chance to dance with us and have some ice cream.

Also we are giving away 2×2 tickets for the 2 dance shows on Friday just before the party. To win just write us a comment recommending your favourite ice cream shop in town. I want to thank Ligia, Vincent, Dani and Gael for shooting with us. I am looking forward to see them dance on stage and I hope you do to. Go and see Ligia and Vincent tonight and tomorrow at 19:30h in The Show Show for some extraordinary dancing, yes dancing, energetically through some dance history (pop songs included) and visit Dani Brown’s Home on Friday and Saturday at 21h for a furious trio with Justin and Gael in a performative mix of text, dance and song. After the jump there is another small preview of our GIFs and some making of pics of the photo shoot.

Gemischtes Doppel GIF

GIFs by Devid Gualandris

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