Interview: Listening to Music with Westbam

There is actually no need to introduce Westbam. The Berlin-based DJ and producer is one of the world’s most important pioneers in Techno music. On the occasion of his 30th stage anniversary (!), he has now published a new album, which shows a whole new side of Westbam. Götterstrasse consists of 14 tracks and features collaborations with Lil Wayne, Iggy Pop, Kanye West, Inga Humpe and others.

In our interview with Westbam we talked about music by New Order, Sluts’ n Strings & 909, Rammstein and Jay-Z & Kanye West. More after the jump.

New Order Blue Monday

This was published around the same time I started my career as a DJ, and this record made the medium of the 12’’ single popular. At that time, the video was understood to be “Techno”, and it inspired many successors, who were – frankly speaking – not that groundbreaking…

Westbam The roof is on fire

An all-time-party-track and good-mood-anthem. Back in the days, this video was produced for relatively few money in London and it found a whole new Acid House aesthetic for me. The idea was: total two-dimensionality, rhythmic gymnastics meet surface compositions à la Picasso and George Braques, and all of that in the fashionable style of 1988.

Sluts’ n Strings & 909 In Your Pretty Face

I have good memory about this track. I played it as an opener at the legendary Raving Society Madyday, which was the only rave that ever took place at the old Deutschlandhalle in Berlin. Up to this day I ask myself: Is this Jim Morrisson or do the vocals only sound like him?

Rammstein Du hast

I was just asking myself whether I have done a remix of this track, but no: that was of Ich will. All Rammstein songs sound similar in a way. All of their concerts are similar as well. You can only do that if you are in fact really awesome.

Jay-Z & Kanye West Niggas In Paris

News from the show Gulliver’s Travels. These two are just larger than life. And that might not only have advantages in your everyday life. Well, anyhow – as long as they are doing it on French soil…

Westbam You need the drugs

In 30 years of being a DJ there was hardly one interview in which I was not asked about drugs. As part of my homage to night life I selected You need the drugs to be the first single of Götterstrasse. The record company tried to label it as an anti-drug-anthem. On Facebook, others write on my wall and accuse me of being the devil and say I would encourage people to take drugs. All of that is nonsense. This song tells a story from the night life. It is about a woman who wants to get more drugs on a Sunday morning, which annoys her boyfriend. The pictures of the video are from the 80s, the time I started playing as DJ. You can see some legendary figures in this video…

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