Interview: Listening to Music with Abby

Photo: Nico Woehrle

This summer, the Berlin-based band Abby is heading for new shores. In the past they already toured Europe and the US and they played as a support act for the likes of Bodi Bill, Get Well Soon and The Virgins. Now they release their album Friends & Enemies in the beginning of July and in the upcoming weeks Abby plays at numerous festivals such as MELT! and Reeperbahn. Their euphoriant Indie Pop is just the right soundtrack for the summer.

In our interview with Abby we have talked about music by The Virgins, Brandt Brauer Frick, Get Well Soon, Tocotronic, Phoenix and Iggy Azalea. More after the jump.

The Virgins Teen Lovers

Lorenzo: Funnily, we were never into The Virgins. We even played a show with them, back in Mannheim, but even then they were not on our radar. Now that I am watching the video I must admit that it is really cool.

Funny boys! Is it a new song? It somehow feels like it came out some while ago, like it comes from the Strokes area. I also never realized that they are so similar to the Strokes. I believe they both come from New York: The Strokes and The Virigins. In my opinion, there should be more songs like that: unburdened song with a good feeling!

Brandt Brauer Frick Bop

Lorenzo: I remember that this was the first video by these boys. It was sent to me by a friend back then, and I just thought: “Oh boy, if you continue like that, you will certainly go through the roof!”

Henne: Lorenzo was really proud about predicting that.

Lorenzo: What I thought was: there we finally have a great band from my hometown Wiesbaden. These boys have come out with something great. And the video is awesome, too. Many might not know that there also is a video company behind the Brandt Brauer Frick posse. It is called Park Bennett. They also produced the video, and they did many other great videos as well. So you can just praise them! Great band!

Get Well Soon Roland I feel you

Lorenzo: Really awesome, the video almost demands too much of me. It is really beautiful, but it is almost too crass for me. It reminds me of a Tarantino movie. It is just well done – so elaborate. It was produced by Philipp Käßbohrer. Unbelievable! Constantin is also such a great musician. The whole band is great. We celebrate everyone who has been involved in it, the whole team – and Philipp Käßbohrer is a super video guy.

Tocotronic Ein Abend im Rotary Club

Lorenzo: I never listened to Tocotronic, and I did not know this song. I believe no one in our band was into Tocotronic. But recently I was really flashed because the Dirk von Lowtzow, the singer of Tocotronic, has done a really good job on the new album by DJ Koze. That song is called Das Wort. It does not happen that often that I am that flashed by a voice. He has such a calming, great voice. I was not aware of that, and then I thought that I might have been listening to Tocotronic before.

Phoenix Entertainment

Lorenzo: This video is absolutely polarizing. Our band is divided by it. We have all been expecting the new Phoenix song, we have been been excited about the album. The former one was just perfect for us. Then we listened to the new song and it made us wonder: shall we celebrate it or shall we find it completely worthless? When Henne and I watched the clip together, we were enthusiastic about it. The video is really, really awesome.

Henne: Really awesome.

Lorenzo: It is just fantastic. There is nothing more to say about that.

Bushido Schmetterling

Filou: What can you say about Bushido?

Lorenzo: If there is a person that just can’t be romantic, it is Bushido.

Henne: We do love Hip Hop, but we are definitely not the target group for Bushido.

Lorenzo: We do not want to say more about about that 😉 Hihi.

Iggy Azalea Pussy

Unbelievable good! Somehow like Gwen Stefani. This is something entirely new. Great video, and it also reminds me of DIE ANTWORD. Awesome. We like female rappers. In the past there we no good female artists, but now there are. Let’s go, girls!

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