Sleeping with Fashion Week or having a Foreign Affair?

photo: Nature Theater of Oklahoma

I am in a deep crisis. Next week is fashion madness where I am supporting our fabulous Tati where ever I can to make Fashion Week the best of the worst. Also since yesterday one of the finest  festivals for international contemporary dance theater arts and music is in town: Foreign Affairs! What to do? Pleasure for the eyes or pleasure for the brain instead. Or try to do both? I am still figuring my schedule out. For the ones who will avoid the fashionistas like an STD and prefer theater I have some recommendations after the jump.

For the ones who want to release their inner child you should stop by at the White Bouncy Castle at Lokhalle Schöneberg.  William Forsythe created this amazing choreographic object which will get rid off all your inhibitions. I wrote a longer text about it here.

photo: Dominik Mentzos

For the ones who would like to see a piece from the choreographer which is most copied by Beyonce (true story) should watch “Partita 2 ” from De Keersmaeker & Charmatz.

photo: Herman Sorgeloos

And for those of you who really are into experimental American theater the Nature Theater of Oklahoma comes to Berlin creating a totally new Utopia.

Also there is an art-cooperation with the KW Institut of Contemporary Art. You can visit  exhibitions and perfomances there. A giant music-program including Apparat and Notwist and a party on Saturday makes it a big round up of everything and a lot to miss for myself.

photo: Dominik Mentzos

All the dates and schedules can be found here: Foreign Affairs.

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