Interview: Listening to Music with Kakkmaddafakka

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Even though the Norwegian city Bergen is not that big, it is an important center of European pop music; Kings of Convenience, Royksopp and The Whitest Boy Alive are the most famous examples. Another international succesful act from Erlend Øye’s hometown are Kakkmaddafakka. Their music spreads pure joy of living and is the perfect soundtrack for the summer, which hopefully started now. Kakkmaddafakka’s latest album Six Months Is A Long Time was produced by Erlend Øye and came out last week.

In our interview we have talked to Axel and Pål about music by Paul Simon, Gorgoroth, Village People, Dr. Dre, Abba and Michael Jackson. More after the jump.

Paul Simon Kodachrome

Thank you for showing me that song. I´ve never heard it before. It´s amazing. I will definitely listen to it tonight and tomorrow and the day after probably as well. It puts me in a good mood. I seriously can´t understand how I could have missed that song.

Gorgoroth Carving a Giant

Lovely special effects in the video. If I can be critical than I might say that it´s a little bit to hi-fi for that kind of music. Maybe black and white would be better. But all in all I like the clip. For everybody who´s scared I can calm them down – they only use fake blood.

Village People In the Navy

We come from a family with loads of captains. Our grandfather was the first one who actually wasn´t a captain of a ship. I wish I was a captain, but being the singer of a band is almost the same. Doing an album is like steering a ship over an ocean of music trying to find a hidden island full of treasures. We found one – our new album. You should listen to it.

Dr. Dre (Feat. Xzibit & Eminem) What’s The Difference

It´s a great song from one of our favourite albums. What´s the difference is song number 7 as far I can remember. The beat is just one you have to dance to. And we really like Eminem. His second album is a masterpiece. But 2001, on which you can listen to What´s the difference, is a masterpiece as well. There´s so much shit music out there in the world that it´s great to have classic albums like 2001 and classic songs like What´s the difference to turn on.

Abba The Day Before You Came

I think the Disney Song Be Prepared is inspired by this song. The Day Before You Came is one example why we love Abba so much. And the song is not even a hit everybody would recognize, but it is still a fantastic song. It gives me goosebumps.

Michael Jackson Rock With You

Awesome video. Love the suit he´s wearing. It´s blinking, that´s amazing, so disco. And the flute solo is great as well. I always dreamt about going to a rollerskating disco wearing my tight pants and skate around to this song. I should write this on my To-Do List.

Kakkmaddafakka Someone new

It´s the first single from our new album. We really like it. The video is shot at a lemon farm in Italy and it´s directed by Erlend Oye. We had a great time shooting the video and we invented the dance quite spontaneously during the shoot which was lots of fun.

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