The Fruit Salad – Tata Christiane makes me Gaga

Fashion Week is nearly over. But wait, there is one person I want to present you before all my fruits are back in the closet: Tata Christiane. This amazing artist just makes me gaga. She is not only one of the most talented and colorful fashion designers in town. She has also a band together called Aniaetleprogrammeur. The music is very dark and somehow haunted. A perfect clash with the color and print magic she is doing on all here designs and dresses. On my street style day in Wedding I was wearing one of here outfits and a headpiece she designed. Also, on the first day of Fashion Week I was wearing a unisex piece from Tata. There I met another blogger called Max Bonheur who was wearing one of her outfits, too. Tonight she is doing a fashion installation and a party. My fruitiest singer Peaches will have a DJ set there along with Tata, Charlie Le Mindu and Vava Dudu so dont miss it. More information are in our event guide. After the jump some of my best poses in Tata’s amazing dresses.

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