Accidental Accomplishment -Exhibition at Institut für Raumexperimente

Olafur Eliasson is one of the most famous artists living and working in Berlin in contemporary art.  But probably not many of you know that he has his own school situated here in Berlin. On Friday we went to explore the Institut für Raumexperimente when its doors opened for the latest exhibition Accidental Accomplishment featuring a bunch of upcoming artists, among them is Raul Walch, whose impressive sculptures got a lot of attention lately. Our impressions from the opening after the jump.

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It was not always easy to recognize art as art. The ambulance in front of the house was an art piece as the little piles of ashes you could find around the building. I spoke to some young artist who complaint that the people working there take themselves too seriously and are not able to bend their mind in other directions. I was just surprised that all pieces looked like the work Olafur Eliasson is doing himself. I actually expected something more surprising in a way. But it’s best you get your own impression!

Institut für Raumexperimente
Christinenstraße 18/19, building 2, 2nd floor
10119 Berlin

The exhibition is open daily from July 10-14, 2013; 14-19h

Choreographed by Christina Werner and Eric Ellingsen

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