A Kaufhaus for Patrick Mohr

Patrick Mohr is probably not the type of label that you would get in a Kaufhaus. Nonetheless the excentric designer from Munich chose a former department store as the venue for his latest fashion presentation. I must say, I am so glad that after a few seasons of buying into the whole “I need to be commercial and boring to be successful in Germany” myth Patrick has return to his crazy, experimental and crafty roots creating fashion that is interesting and complex with presentations that are thought-provoking and entertaining. This time he once again showed his designs on the bodies of the types of models that would normally not set foot onto a runway of Fashion Week: Body builders, disabled people, and other types that don’t fit the typical beauty standards of our society. This time it felt even less like a shock effect but more like a statement and we salut to that: Everyone is beautiful in their own way. The impressions of a great show after the jump.

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