Dare to date a Friend? – An Experiment

Dating is weird, fun, exciting and somewhat daring. Dating a friend accelerates all these emotions and takes it to another level. New York graphic designers Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman have been good friends for years and discovered they have entirely different behavioral patterns when it comes to seeking love and companionship. In an experiment they are currently dating each other to see how their patterns might change, influence each other and what might become of their so far platonic relationship…

For forty days the two will date with strict rules. They will see each other every day, they will go to couples therapy once a week, go on at least three proper dates a week and not meet anyone else for the duration of the experiment.

On a website they answer a questionnaire each day, stating what they did, how they felt, what was strange, new or exciting. The collected thoughts are like a testament of our society, it’s thought provoking and tender. Following their daily endeavours is like following a soap opera in a way and a character study and dating guidebook as well.

It’s fun, I’m hooked and cannot wait to read what happens next. Read all details and follow the soap on their 40 Days of Dating website.

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