Ready for Frances?

Are you ready for Frances? Because you will fall in love with this lovely, crazy and lost young woman that Noah Baumbach’s new film portrays. It’s simply impossible not to.

Frances Ha was one of my Berlinale 2013 highlights. Noah Baumbach’s black and white comedy drama is now finally showing in theatres nationwide and you really shouldn’t miss it…

Frances is in her late twenties and recently graduated from dance school. She lives with her best friend Sophie in New York City. Shortly after Frances breaks it off with her boyfriend, Sophie falls in love. Instead of having the wild single summer with her best friend she imagined, Frances is soon left alone to figure out what she wants to do with her life. She moves into a new apartment, looses her job and begins dwelling on questions typical for the so called Generation Y. Do I really have to grow up? Did I make the right career choice? How can I leave my mark on the world? Will I ever have a family? Am I ready to settle down? How can I unite dream and reality?

Greta Gerwig plays Frances fabulously and co-wrote the script with Baumbach, who is her partner in real life. They shot the movie with a tiny budget and kept it very quiet until it was finished. It’s an upbeat comedy, a „coming-of-age“ tragedy and a movie that captures a generation in an unpretentious, tender and fun way. Definitely worth watching!

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