The Fruit Salad: Waiting for the Anto Christ

Today I have to tell you a true story about an unique Berlin encounter. I was sitting in a restaurant with a friend eating when a group of amazing people all dressed up in the most shiny and colorful wardrobe entered. I was totally blown away and approached the girl who seemed to be the queen of the group! I stand in front of her and asked her: Who are you? She looked upon me and said: “Hi, I am Anto! Anto Christ!”

People! Can you imagine? I felt like the fashion apocalypse was ready to strike. But then she smiled and told me more about her fashion designs and her artwork. Anto Christ is from Australia and living in Berlin for a couple of years now. She is regulary doing exhibitions, art events and also hosting parties. I fell really in love with her style and with her amazing creations of knit and crochet you can see also on her homepage. After the jump you will see some more pictures of her and her styles. All very colorful and definetly fruity. Check them out.

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