Bears chasing Honey – An interactive Video

When it comes to hilarious commercials there is one thing that always works: Animals doing funny things. We just love those silly cat videos, don’t we? But what can we do if the animal doesn’t do what we want it to do in front of a camera? Or if it’s simply too dangerous to work with? Well, easy: We put an animal costume on an actor, same effect and naturally more goofy looking.

Thanks to Jim Beam we have exactly one of those funny animal videos to admire, and this time it’s even interactive. In support of the campaign of their new Jim Beam Honey they developed a little jump’n’run style interactive video where a pair of bears is chasing after someone who stole their honey. Of course it turns out to be quite the silly adventure with bears blow drying each other’s fur and playing bondage games in a fishnet. Wait, wait – bears, blow dry, bondage? Is there some kind of frisky gay subcontext in this? Well, maybe… or maybe it’s just me. Either way, you should check out the little video about the game as it was installed in a shop window where people on the streets could participate and later on be invited on a drink of sweet and smooth Jim Beam Honey. Or even better: Play the interactive game yourself on Youtube, right after the jump.

Here is how the game looked like in the street:

And here you can play it yourself:

And this is the making of:

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