Looking for GOLD!

Nina Hoss is gorgeous, amazing, talented and plenty of other positive things. Her new movie GOLD is good, but wasn’t quite as amazing and great as she is…

I must admit Gold had slipped my mind for a while. I saw Thomas Arlan’s new film at the Berlinale in February and when I realized it was opening in the theatres now, I was shocked to discover how little I can remember about the film. But although I don’t remember all details, I do remember I liked but didn’t love it.

Gold tells the tale of a group of Germans trying to make it through the harsh nature of Canada to a gold digging spot. Nina Hoss plays the lead, a woman of great strength, will and endurance. The film is slow in every sense of the word. The story is slow, the scenes are long, conversations are rare, it’s slowly edited and the journey through Canada has no drive. However that is somehow the point and what I remember most about it. It sucks you in and gets you to bond with the characters, before slowly unfolding their inner emotions and issues. As I said I didn’t love it, but I certainly liked it!

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