Enough is Enough – Stop Homophobia

Tilda Swinton raising the flag for LGBTs

Who said Bloggers could not change the world post by post. Actually I think everybody who has a certain following on the web should consider the responsibility of the daily messages we are sending out. Fortunately there are some of them out there: Fellow blogger Norman Röhling from i-ref used the full potential of his blog and his social network when he realized how homosexuals were treated in Russia after the passing of the current law that prohibits all homosexual “propaganda” meaning actually all kinds of homosexual behaviour in public and all kinds of homosexual communication – basically banning homosexuality from Russia. He triggered a movement called Enough is Enough which’s goal is to stop homophobia around the world. The basic idea is not to be another LGBT association but to really create a web-based international platform where not only communication is a tool for success, but also the intelligent use and exchange of professional resources. If you want to engage with them online I recommend to you to join the Facebook group or like the Facebook page which is the first step before the online platform is launched. But if you are willing to engage in real-live protest we invite you strongly to take part on the demonstration this Saturday in Berlin or the Global Kiss-In in front of your local Russian embassy on the 8th of September at 15h. The goal is to solicit the German government and all sponsors of the Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Russia to boycott the games under this humanitarian circumstances. An ambitious aim that needs a lot of support. After the jump you can see the trailer and flyer of the protest.

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