Interview: Listening to Music with Kellerkind

photo: Micky Rosi-Richter

If people think of Switzerland, they think of green meadows, clear water, snow-covered mountains and fresh air. In the world of electronic music they think of soulful house music and a history of great parties and clubs. It is in both of these environments that Marco Biagini aka Kellerkind grew up. In the small town of Solothurn Kellerkind discovered the Chicago sound in the local clubs and got to know house music. 15 years later, Kellerkind has become an irreplaceable figure in the Swiss electronic music scene. Today he also is part of the Stil for Talent crew playing regularly in Berlin.

In our interview with Kellerkind, we have talked about music by George Clinton, Grandmaster Flash, Deichkind and Johnny Cash. More after the jump.

George Clinton Hollywood

Awesome, George Clinton!! I think, Snoop Dogg owns his success to him, he sampled him a lot. I am a big Funk fan myself and I even saw George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic live at the Montreux Jazz Festival some time ago. That really impressed me; I was particularly fascinated by the great number of musicians that were standing on the stage!! I do not have a strong personal connection to the track Hollywood, but I think that the groove is great. The beginning of it (00:00-00:03) must have been sampled a lot. To me, George Clinton is simply THE god of Funk!!

Grandmaster Flash The Message

Old School, classic, legendary! These are all words that match this song. I am sure that it inspired thousands to start rapping. I was still a baby in 1982 and much too young to appreciate it. But when I came acquainted with Rap / Hip Hop later on, they still played this song on and on. Certainly it can be heard at many Hip Hop parties even today.

Deichkind feat. Nina Bon Voyage

I know Deichkind since this track. Back than, I would have never thought that I would make a remix for a band that is that big!! The sound of Bon Voyage is probably not that one that Deichkind is known for today; nevertheless, it is still one of their best tracks to me.

Johnny Cash Hurt

Goosebumps!! Just to hear the distinctive guitar sound by Johnny Cash in the beginning of this song gives me goosebumps! And there is this warmth and this extraordinary dynamic in it: there is a development towards a climax and then it gets more quiet again, which is so emotional and thrilling in my point of view. If you consider that he wrote this song shortly before his death, it really gives you the chills! Johnny Cash, one love!!

Kellerkind Thinking About You

I wrote the lyrics for this song myself, but I could never “sing” these words to my girlfriend. Never before has any other human being given me so much trust and freedom (especially when it comes to making music) like her. That makes me think about her and dream about her all time time, and that is why it feels so good being with her. I think being the partner of a musician is not always that easy, as you need to accept and cope with the other’s passion for music.

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