Wonder – A Poem for Berlin

My friend Anna and I have always enjoyed working together on collages or photos. She is the kind of friend who I confide in more than anyone else and through our work together we share things we don’t tell other people. Since she is more into writing and I am more into taking pictures, we wanted to combine these preferences in a short film this time. Having the same taste when it comes to Sofia Coppola films, Haruki Murakami stories or the philosophy of the Little Prince we wanted the film to convey a feeling somewhere between the songs of The xx and Lost in Translation, but with a Berlin tonality or in other words in our personal way of course.

Among other reasons it is in English because the word (to) “wonder” has various meanings, which suited the mood. All in all the film is about someone wondrous primarily, but also about little moments with big meanings and one’s memory. With some little things for instance, I wonder how one’s head unconsciously picks random situations to remember and others to forget. In the end, it is the little things in life that make it special.

By the way, you don’t have to understand everything. You are allowed to wonder.

Video: Alicia Kassebohm


Alicia Kassebohm is a freelance photographer and communication design student at the Institude of Design Berlin. Last year she won the 3rd place of the Deutscher Jugendfotopreis. For iHeartBerlin she talks with interesting men about their goregous beards. If you are interested in getting your special beard portrait taken by Alicia feel free to get in touch with her at a.kassebohm@me.com.

More info: www.aliciaka.com





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