We’re the Millers

I feel like I’ve been making all the wrong choices at the cinema cachier lately. As you can tell from my recent posts nothing really convinced me. I knew We’re the Millers wasn’t going to be some fabulously clever art house film, but I was expecting a little more than I got…

David (Jason Sudeikis) is a drug dealer, who is forced to smuggling weed across the Mexican border after he gets robbed. To better his chances of making it across the border without his car getting scanned, he decides to stage a little act. He hires his weird neighbour as his son (Will Poulter), his stripper neighbour as his wife (Jennifer Aniston) and a runaway random as his daughter (Emma Roberts). Together they are the Millers and begin their journey through Mexico and back to the US with a massive campervan. All four characters are introduced as familyless creatures that long for love and when they play family they actually do become one. Luckily this doesn’t end in them all changing their personalities, however it is a little stereotypical American „love-will-heal-all“ drama. It’s fairly humourless for a comedy and although I do like laughing at stupid jokes I didn’t find myself laughing out loud even once in this film. Actually that’s not true, the outtakes after the actual film were pretty funny!

So I guess although I really wanted to be more positive this week We’re the Millers isn’t really a film I’d recommend spending 7 Euros on.

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