Cinéma de Mode: This Must Be the Only Fantasy

In today’s Cinéma de Mode we have the highly acclaimed 12-minute film This Must Be the Only Fantasy directed by Todd Cole with production company The Creators Project for Rodarte. This time, Laura and Kate Mulleavy have beautifully combined magical realism with 1980s video game and haute couture with a storyline inspired by Rodarte’s Spring / Summer 2013 collection which is loaded with mythological and medieval imagery. This Must Be the Only Fantasy is clearly an ode to fantasy role-playing games, featuring mostly teenage kids just hanging in the suburbs of LA who all of a sudden find themselves embarking on a mystical journey. The film’s cast is absolutely brilliant, as it stars renowned actor Elijah Wood, actress Sidney Williams, and model Guinevere Van Seenus . Along with the stunning images the original music by Beach House evokes even more the magical tone of the film, adding not only suspense but also giving the audience a special emotional connection to it. Enjoy this unconventional fashion film after the jump!

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