Sezzession – Art entering a GDR Sport Center

painting: Nicolai Huch

Once upon a time in the year 1981, when Berlin was still divided into two halves, a glamourous sport and fun paradise in Friedrichshain opened its doors for all kind of activities. Now more then 20 years later the SEZ is only half-used as a place for sports. The other half of the now vacant building is only used temporarily – mostly for exhibitions.

Last weekend 45 artists working in the Uferstudios brought their canvases from Wedding to the SEZ to open a spectacular showcase called Sezzession. This one-of-a-kind experience between experimental art and old GDR architecture was my personal highlight of the art week so far. But don’t worry, you can still check out the exhibition until the October 13, 2013. See after the jump more artworks and the details.


September 21 – October 13, 2013, Fri-Sun 13-18h

SEZ Berlin

Landsberger Allee 77

10249 Berlin

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