Showing the Unthinkable

Every once in a while a film hits you right in the heart. It pierces you, makes you emotional, provokes new trains of thoughts and completely absorbs you while watching. Those are the films that one doesn’t forget, the ones that stay with you and those you will compare future vieweing experiences to. I saw one such film at this year’s Berlinale and most of the audience agreed with me and awarded the film with the Panorama Audience award for the best documentary. I am of course speaking about Josh Oppenheimer’s shocking piece The Act of Killing. The Berlin Film Society will present the film tomorrow (Wednesday Oct 2) and Thursday. So don’t miss out and get your hands on one of the very few left tickets NOW! Details about the film, after the jump.

The Act of Killing (D: Joshua Oppenheimer, Christine Cynn, DEN/NOR/GB 2012)

Can one teach a remorse? An experiment tries to change feelings of pride and justice into one of shame and flaw. Murderers re-enact the killing to partially realize what they have done. Without pointing a finger Josh Oppenheimer shows the villains of the genocide in Indonesia. He makes the unthinkable visible, makes the “monsters” human, tangible, real and all the more scary!

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