Kaleidoscope is The New Blue

Kaleidoscopes are a big thing for me, not only because of our kaleidoscopic scarf and legging designs but also because my new passion: The geometric surface kaleidoscopes that you can create with the Berlin-based D3LTA photo app. It’s just so much fun! It takes a while to develope an eye for the kind of photos that are suitable for the different filters in the app. But once you get into it, it’s really interesting what amazing results you can get. I especially love when warm colors get contrasted by cool ones, or when very busy textures unexpectedly meet plain homogenic surfaces. These contradictions can be wonderfully intense. I have a few examples of that after the jump. They are totally The New Blue!

On Friday the makers of the D3LTA app will open their first exhibition with the most amazing results of the submitted kaleidoscope designs so far. To our excitement one of my early designs got selected for this as well, so I’m one of the exhibited artists, yeay! More infos on the vernissage and some more examples of my kaleidoscopes that I took with D3LTA after the jump, as well as the chance to get a sample of the brand new fragrances by Comme des Garçons.

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