V. – Never change a winning Team

Can you successfully work together with your exboy/girlfriend? This is one of the most discussed topics in my life, since I try to do it day by day, sometimes better sometimes worse. But in the end the results are what counts. Two very good friends of mine where a couple years ago and now joined forces again not to make love but to make really good theater. The creative duo Daniel Schrader and Thea Axthelm-Hoffmann did a great job creating the piece V. at Ballhaus Ost based on the book of the American novelist Thomas Pynchon.You will have a theater experience not just of pure intelectual and visual pleasure but also a good dose of Berlin craziness. More pictures and the details after the jump.

photos: Mae Ost


12. / 13. / 15. / 16. OKTOBER , 19

Ballhaus Ost

Papellallee 15

10437 Berlin


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