Vince and Owen versus a Glass of Wine

In hindsight I have absolutely no clue why I thought The Internship could possibly be a light-hearted film about the generation internship, maybe that addresses the clichés of our time, takes the young adults serious and shows what’s happening to a wider audience. Because it clearly and in no way is such a film…

Vince Vaughn is no great artist, but a famous comedian. So why on earth I thought he might write a script that opens up new perspectives instead of just making jokes, is beyond myself. The Internship is a classical Hollywood storyline. It’s partly amusing, but for the dimes you pay at the cashier you will probably have more fun with a glass of wine and friends.

Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) are best friends and confronted with the ruins of their career after losing their sales jobs. That is not because the jobs they had were horrible, but because they suddenly strive for higher goals. But to the point: They begin an internship at the search engine giant Google, are grouped together with the left-over nerds and win the competition for the jobs with humanity and friendship. Who would have guessed?!

The trailer looks ok, but as I said go for the glass of wine!

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