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After molecular ice creams, geometric bags and a hipster photo art app, it’s now time to bring some adventure to our column Berlin Goods. Today I want to put the spotlight on a new unique independent magazine based in Berlin, which is all about bringing your childhood memories back and releasing your youthful spirit: Dodo Magazine. But what is Dodo? Berlin-based Spanish art director and magazine founder Rubén Martin describes it as the ultimate fantasy and adventure magazine for anyone that has ever wanted a treehouse – and I must say that I couldn’t agree more. The magazine is not just another printed media to kill your time, but rather an authentic adventurous experience. When you start reading it, you literally feel as if you are under your sheet with a torch, or sitting around a campfire in the middle of nowhere; it’s like entering a new world, where everything has yet to be discovered. The first issue of Dodo Magazine is both a time machine and a horror tale, with two sides filled with interviews, comic strips, and stunning pictures from almost forty top illustrators, photographers and writers from all over the globe. If you, just like me, have always wanted to build your own treehouse or own a private haunted house, make sure you get your copy and learn all the precious tips on how to scare your friends before the spookiest night of the year arrives! Enjoy some impressions of the the issues of the magazine after the jump.

Issue #1 – Haunted House/Treehouse

The first issue came out in 2014 and was a double issue with one side about Halloween and another one about tree houses. Below a few impressions and a trailer:

Issue #2 – Present/Future

The second issue that came out in 2014 was about time. There are two magazines released with this issue, one about the present that you got right away and another one about the future that you will receive 10 years later. It’s a bit like a time capsule.

Issue #3 – Multi

The third issue comes out in September 2015 and is titled ‘Multi’ with all the meanings attached to this word. It’s inspired by all crazy things with multiple functions, like the drinking helmet, the roller shoes, the swiss army knife, and the kitchen robot. The magazine itself also has a double function as a raincoat.

You can get your copy online and in selected stores. Price: 15 EUR or 18 EUR special edition.

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