Invicuts by Paco Rabanne – The Final Countdown

If you’ve been around town you have probably come across it already at some point. The new campaign for Paco Rabanne’s new fragrance Invictus and its main character Nick Youngquest are everywhere. But as I have already posted previously the campaign is much more than just the posters and commercial spot. Along with the launch they started the Invictus Award, a new competition where 7 athletes from all over the world compete against each other and can win the trophy along with the funding for a sports-related project that they want to do. You can watch a reality webseries about the Invictus Award here and you can still vote for our Berlin contestant Markus to support a local sportsman. More about it after the jump.

But what is the big fuzz with all these hot sportsmen all about? Of course the new perfume Invictus by Paco Rabanne that was released a few months ago and is available pretty much everywhere where you can get perfumes. The fragrance is a very sporty, masculine and fresh one with ingredients Patchouli, Amber Gris Accord and Guaiac Wood on the sensual side and Marine Accords, Grapefruit Peel and Bay Leaves on the freshness side. In the spirit of victory the fragrance comes in a bottle that has the shape of an award statue making this the perfect product for champions.

Speaking of champions: You can follow the current state of affairs of the 7 athletes that are contesting for the Invictus Award in the webshow of the same name. So far they are at episode 29 with more to come until the big award party that will happen on Thursday night this week in Paris. I will be there as well taking photos and congratulating the winner, along with my 6 fellow bloggers who were covering the ongoings of their respective contestants from their countries.

The German contestant is Markus from Berlin. He is the calm, charming and modest one from the whole group. His sport is actually the most interesting one as he is a dragon boat rower. Devid joined him on one of those fancy dragon boats a few weeks ago and apparently it’s super fun! If Markus wins he will support his local rowing club for one year with his price money so the youngster who go rowing there can join international competitions which they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. We have our fingers crossed for Markus. Only one day left to vote, so please give him your support here. Everyone who takes part in the voting gets a chance to win the fragrance and also an amazing trip to Greece! Good luck everyone!

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