7 Days to Halloween: The House of Haunted Hearts

Halloween has been an obsession of mine since I was a pre-teen thanks to all the special Halloween episodes of all the TV shows that I was watching back than. Unfortunately at the time it was simply not common to celebrate Halloween here in Germany. So no scary costume, haunted house or trick’o’treatin’ for me, much to my disappointment. It’s only been in the last couple of years here in Berlin with all these international cultures coming together that I could finally participate in this American tradition.

This year I’m making myself a dream come true: The House of Haunted Hearts – our very own Halloween party. Of course us being I HEART BERLIN it’s not simply a party – it’s much more. Find out after the jump!

Our Halloween event is already being prepared as we speak. The creative hands of set-designers Buchholz&Kraatz are building up the Haunted House set in the basement of our venue: The Naherholung Sternchen that many of you already know from our 5th anniversary party last year. The place has changed a lot since than and we have a whole bunch of new rooms to play in.

Dodo Magazine

The guys from Dodo Magazine will kick off the night at 21hwith a DIY costume workshop. They thought up a couple of different costumes in the spirit of their first Halloween issue and will be ready with materials and tools for you to get crafty. If you want to make your own costume with us, register for the workshop by eMailing to hey@iheartberlin.de. The workshop requires no extra fee, just the regular entrance to the event and we’ll have some free drinks ready for you from Glacéau vitaminwater and Fountain of Youth to keep you fresh.

Moran Sanderovich, photo by Ema Discordant

At 23h we will open our Haunted House in the basement. Here you will not only walk through an amazing set, you will also encouter the creepy performances of isrealian artist Moran Sanderovich with scary soundscapes by Inon Peres, as well as performer Gal Naor and choreographer and dancer Patrick Faurot. There also some more things in store that we would like to keep as a surprise.

artwork: Hara Katsiki

The party upstairs will also start at 23h with various DJ sets. Visual artist and DJ Hara Katsiki who submitted some of the most memorable artworks to our GIF exhibition in 2011 will not only play one of her sets she will also present some of her artworks in our hall of scares. We also invited the guys from Pornceptual to host their own sexy scary photo booth, so make sure to wear something presentable underneath your monster robe.

And to put a sweet cherry on top: Our very own star of our fashion parodie The Fruit Salad – the amazing and wonderful Tati – will present our outfit contest at the party. We have some amazing prices for the most fashionable, the scariest and the most original outfit so you better dress up like there will be no tomorrow! We need to confuse the hell out of those nasty ghosts of Halloween!

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Patrick Faurot

The House of Haunted Hearts

Thursday, October 31, 2013

21h Costume Workshop, 23h Haunted House & Party

Naherholung Sternchen

Berolina Str. 7 (on the left behind Kino International and Rathaus Mitte)

10178 Berlin

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