4 Days to Halloween: American Horror Story

Not only is the TV show American Horror Story by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck my inspiration for the brand new visuals of our Halloween event The House of Haunted Hearts, it is also my absolute favorite show since forever. Well, since The X Files at least.

If you have already seen it, you will probably agree with me. And if you haven’t, boy you need to catch up! This show is insane and completely out of control. If you are easily offended by bizarre sex scenes, racial insensitivity, political incorrectness and overall madness, than you should maybe not watch it. Otherwise it’s going to be great fun and absolutely horrifying. The show is set up as an anthology show which is quite innovative for a TV show. Every season has a completely different storyline and set of characters, only they are played by the same cast of actors with some variations and famous guests. The star of the show is the divine Hollywood diva Jessica Lange who is just amazing in all her roles in the show.

Right now we are in season 3 that is all about fabulous, yet lethal witches. The first season was about a family moving into a murder house with lots of dangerous ghosts making their life a nightmare, and the second season was about a cruel mental asylum including possessed psycho nuns, patient torture and angry deformed monsters in the backyard. It’s all very jolly and fun – in a sweaty nightmare kind of way… Enjoy the trailers after the jump. And maybe they inspire you for a good Halloween costume?

Season 1: “Murder House””

Season 2: “Asylum”

Season 3: “Coven”

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