Interview: Listening to music with Super Flu

“Feel-good Tech-House” – this is how the press text describes Super Flu . And that is just what their music is about as anyone who has seen them performing can confirm. In the end of October Super Flu released their second album Halle Saale (named after their home town). In our interview we talked to Super Flu about music by Blümchen, Cocorosie, David Bowie & Queen and Whirlpool Productions. More after the jump.

Blümchen Gib Mir Noch Zeit

You can say what you want, but the acting in the beginning of the video (Jasmin having a shower) is fantastic. We can’t say anything about the sound though. The production is great, like everything in the charts. We also like the 303, which comes in every now and then. But in principle we reject this song. Quite likely it has caused serious problems to many men. No, these lyrics are malicious!

Cocorosie Grey Oceans

Wow. This is one of the best songs ever written. The composition is so insanely good, and then there is also Bianca’s voice… Just perfect. We both have been huge admirer of Cocorosie for years. If there is band we go to see at least times year, it is Cocorosie. We just like their whole concept of combining music, dressing up, stage show and cryptical lyrics. These sisters have continuously been developing this concept, which keeps growing interesting. When we are old, we want to be like them.

Queen & David Bowie Under Pressure

That is a very good track. Normally we do not listen that much to Queen or Bowie. But funnily, for both of us this is the song to which we slept with a women for the first time. Under pressure… It seems to us like yesterday, and this adventurous feeling comes up again with the first clap. In general it is funny to think about which song or album you connect to which woman. We more or less always find one, because we used play the album on repeat, so that every bass was hammered into our memory.

Whirlpool Productions From Disco To Disco

Oh yeah, what a superb track! We believe that nobody can resist this song. And it is probably the best thing that ever came out of Hand Nieswand’s head. It is an ode to the first take (the first recording of an instrument or of vocals in a studio). We believe that first takes are underestimated. For us, the first take of a recording session is just an attempt, and every take that comes after that should perfect that first one. Most of the time you are trying and playing around with things for hours, just to find out that the first take was the best one. The reason for that is maybe, that you are still relaxed and “free” in the beginning.

Super Flu Senamuun

Senamuun probably is the most dancy track on our new album Halle Saale. It is one of those tracks we could play at any time within our DJ sets. It comes from a time when Felix was into old Disco / House records, French House stuff like Roulé or Crydamoure. That is when this loop was done. And because it still sounds contemporary to our ears, we completed it for our album.

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