In Love with Llewyn Davis

New York in the 60s. The Lower East Side is the stomping ground of painters, musicians, writers and artists of all disciplines. High hopes are their common denominators but most of them struggle to make a living off their passion. Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac) is a folk singer who isn’t particularly successful. He sleeps on his friends (Justin Timberlake, Carey Mulligan) couch, repeatedly plays the same venue and is deeply hurt by his ex-partners suicide. The new Coen Brothers film Inside Llewyn Davis dives deep into Llewyns world and takes the viewer onto a wonderful journey through one of the most vulnerable souls of film history.

Llewyn Davis’ life is no piece of cake. His duo partner committed suicide, his agent isn’t exactly pushing his solo career, the owner of his regular venue is a presumptuous idiot and his friends are less than thrilled about having to put him up on their couch all the time. Despite his drenching situation Llewyn refuses to even question his talent or choices and doesn’t consider compromises in any way. Each time he sings and plays his guitar one can feel how he lights up and pours his heart and soul into every tone and word.

Inside Llewyn Davis is a film about artists, about the refusal to compromise any part of ones belief for more commercial appeal, about the lengths artists will go through to stay true to themselves. The protagonist carries these themes, pushes them to the limit and  makes the audience suffer with himself. In the end everyone but Llewyn and the viewer is wrong, not understanding enough or just doesn’t get music.

Of course the soundtrack is a key to the film and if you leave the cinema without wanting the buy the soundtrack or at least Llewyn Davis’ album something went wrong.

It’s a beautiful film that I could watch again and again. Now the music is playing on repeat and has turned me into a folk fan. Certainly the film won the Grand Prix in Cannes deservingly! Make sure you watch Inside Llewyn Davis when it hits the theatres on December 5th I promise you will love it!

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