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Since 2007 Niconé brings together urban club and fashion culture. Alexander Gerlach and Helena Kapidzic combine passion, style, elegance and humor. The music has become synonymous with a versatile vision of contemporary house music that isn’t afraid to surprise as being mature and playful in equal measures. In 2011 Niconé released the Romantic Thrills album together with his good friend and constant partner in crime Sascha Braemer. Now, two years later, Niconé is presenting the first full-length solo album, Let Love Begin, on Stil vor Talent.

In our interview with Niconé we talked about music by Blümchen, Casper, Robin Thicke ft. Pharrell, Lorde, Snoop Dogg, Village People and Mano Le Tough.

Blümchen Gib Mir Noch Zeit

Oh my god, Blümchen! I believe she had had enough to do a different kind of music. She did not, and know she must be a “Blume” (flower) – or she is already wilted. Higher state of bitterness. So if you also suffered by this song: time heals all wounds.

Casper Im Ascheregen

Horror song, horror video and horror performance. This kind of German music is not for me. I really tried many times to get into it without any prejudices, but it did not work. Sorry, but let’s go on.

Robin Thicke ft. Pharrell and TI Blurred Lines

Let there be titties. This song is a clean, smooth radio title; nobody get annoyed by it. The production is great. You can listen to it for a thousand times without even noticing, and then you are suddenly humming the tune – and you remember that there was this video with nudes. I keep asking myself whether I like the song or the brunette girl from the video?

Lorde Tennis Court

That is what I call a consistent concept. Great video, voice and song. I can approve of that. I did not know the track. If I had time, I would make an edit of this. Game, set and match.

Snoop Dogg Drop It Like It’s Hot

Best Snoop track from the 2000s. Minimal beat, Pharrell is also great and the video is a perfect fit. It accompanied us for a long time, and it keeps coming to my head spontaneously.

Village People fest. Deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft Far away in America

I hate football, I am not at all interested in it, so this for me is a No-Go. But it does not get better by looking at it. The song is out of question, and so is “Made in USA”. When I closed my eyes, the last thing I saw was Klinsi singing. I will not sleep well tonight.

Mano Le Tough Primative People (Tale Of Us Remix)

Well, what can you say about that?! It is a great remix of a good track, a sure shot in a DJ set.

Niconé feat. Malonda Let Love Begin

Malonda is great, our peace anthem. It sounds just the way it should sound. After three trials this was the outcome, and I am really happy that we changed the song so thoroughly. Malonda can confirm this, she also rejected the other two versions. So, all good things come in threes… Let love begin!

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